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Leave-A-Sign (LAS) Foundation

Lugano, Switzerland

To preserve the Collective Historical Memory (CHM) of the world in a digital format. To help individuals to write their memories or the stories of their ancestors, collecting media and storing it online for future generations to access. To protect the privacy of all contributors by giving selective access to critical information only to other not-for-profit organizations using the latest blockchain technologies under development (Verifiable Credential & Self Sovereign Identity). To develop proprietary algorithms to recognize historical patterns in large data storage. To aggregate existing data already online, which focuses on personal biographies and families histories. 


To pursue such a mission of public interest, the foundation, which is a not for profit, organizes in Switzerland and abroad training courses, scientific meetings, and seminars, exchanges of information with institutes that pursue the same purposes; participates in programs of development; supplies services to third parties that operate in similar areas; can acquire real estate destined to accommodate the activity of the foundation or of third parties active in similar areas; to collect and to accept donations either public or private and also in form of ICO or to realize the objectives and to constitute its own capital. The foundation will be able to collaborate with other foundations and associations, active in the fields of research, education, and culture, including libraries and museums. It is able, in general, to develop every necessary or useful activity to realize the purpose of the foundation. 

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